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KFS 360 Multi Floor to Ceiling Pillar / Tripod / Wall mount

KFS 360 Multi Floor to Ceiling Pillar / Tripod / Wall mount

The flexible 3-in-1 solution for using point and line lasers in all kinds of applications: Floor-to-ceiling pillar, tripod and wall mount in one!
No matter what the application possibilities of the construction site – no problem, they are equipped…..


Floor-to-ceiling pillar

  • Floor-to-ceiling pillar (1-leg tripod) to be fixed between floor and ceiling
  • The instruments platform can be clamped steplessly in any position and can be positioned in height with mm precision using the integrated fine drive.
  • 5 sturdy metal sections, with graduation in 5 mm & 1/4 inch steps, connection with 5/8″ metal thread
  • Working range: platform height from 0.2 m to 3.55 m

Floor-to-ceiling pillar & Tripod

  • For free-standing positioning anywhere in the room, the clamping column is mounted in the stand. 2 fastening screws secure the clamping column in the stand.
  • Working range: platform height from 0.5 m to 3.55 m

Multi-functional mount

  • Removable unit bracket for mounting on walls, drywall rails and tripods with 5/8″ connection
  • Height-adjustable platform with integrated fine drive, adjustment range 85 mm
  • Horizontal adjustment 360° with endless fine drive on both sides
  • Holder for clamp fixing to drywall wall rails
  • Magnets on back side
  • Screw hole for wall suspension
  • For devices with 1/4″ & 5/8″ connection

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