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FLG 245HV-GREEN Tracking

Product information: FLG 245HV-GREEN Tracking Rotating Leveling Laser

The ultimate solution for easy axis alignment combined with perfect leveling laser line visibility.

  • Green laser for enhanced visibility
  • PowerSwitch-Technology: the power of a class 3R laser in a class 2 laser

TRACKING function: The laser plane is automatically centered to the receiver «on-grade».

  • Makes alignment jobs over long distances amazingly simple
  • Easy one-button-operation of TRACKING function with 60 m working range
  • mm-indicating receiver FR 77-MM TRACKING – the visible accuracy

User-friendly operating concept

  • Control functions on the instrument: on/off laser beam and remote control
  • Additional functions including scanning and slope setting are accessed from the remote control
  • TRACKING function operated by a receiver


  • TRACKING function
  • Indoor use: Outstanding line visibility without using a receiver. Versatile with rotating, scanning and point functions
  • Outdoor use: IP 54 protection, long working range, TILT-Function,
  • Numerous accessories are supplied as standard – check them out


  • Working range up to 1000 m diameter
  • Dust/water protection IP 54
  • Variable scanning and laser point mode
  • Permanent 90° plumb beam
  • Automatic TILT alarm function
  • Auto-shut-off when out of level
  • Manual slope setting of X and Y axis
  • Remote control function (on/off)
  • Floor mount with centering mark for accurate setup
  • above a ground point

Properties: “FLG 245HV-GREEN Tracking”

Laser diode: green
Self-levelling: horizontal / vertical
Self-levelling range: ± 5°
Accuracy horizontal: ± 1,0 mm / 10 m
Accuracy vertical: ± 1,5 mm / 10 m
Working range without receiver: Ø 60 m
Working area with FR 77-MM: Ø 1000 m
Working area with FR 77-MM Tracking: Ø 1000 m
Working range tracking function: 60 m
Working range remote control: IR 100 m
Grade: manual
Slope setting manual X-Axis: ± 5° (± 9%)
Slope setting manual Y-Axis: ± 5° (± 9%)
Laser class: 2
Rotating speed rpm: 300, 800
Operating time: 24 h
Power supply: NiMH
Dust / water protection: IP 54
Rotating w/o receiver Ø: Ø 40 m
Scanning w/o receiver : 60 m (radius)
90° plumb beam up: yes
Temperature range: -20° to +50°C
TILT-function: yes
Tracking function: yes
Remote control function (on/off): yes
Laserdot mode: yes
Scanning: 2 step

Included in scope delivery:

  • Receiver FR 77-MM Tracking with clamp for levelling staff
  • Remote control
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Charger
  • Battery case for alkaline batteries
  • Wall mount
  • Floor mount
  • Magnetic target
  • Laser glasses
  • Carrying case

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