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Infrared Thermometers – Measuring the temperature of a subject from a distance. Moisture meters – Measure the percentage of water in a given substance. Thermal Imaging Camera – Automatic indication of hot / cold spot. Humidity and Temperature Meters –  Fast measurement of relative humidity and temperature and Dewpoint temperature measurement for recognition of mold growth and wet bulb. Temperature and Humidity Data Logger – Data loggers for temperature and humidity are capable of measuring data at defined intervals. Moisture Meter – displays moisture for wood and construction materials. Sound Level Meter – Handheld electronic devices that take acoustic measurements. Data Light Meter – Luxmeter or Light Meter for professional indoor measuring and monitoring of light insolation. Coating Thickness Tester – Tester for fast testing and measuring of non-magnetic coatings on steel or non-ferrous metals. Wall detector – used to locate studs, pipes and AC live wires prior to any drilling work.