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Product information: FR-DIST 30 Rotary Laser Receiver with Integrated Laser Distance Meter

Innovation: AUTO-DIST function measures the distance between the laser plane (“0” level of the receiver) and floor, wall, and object automatically


  • Makes the leveling staff unnecessary for height control works with a rotating laser
  • Quick and contact-free height control
  • Easy checking of ditch depth when working with an excavator
  • Direct reading of height differences during grading work
  • Fast and safe interior alignment when working at fixed distances – eliminates the need for a 2nd person holding the end of a measuring tape
  • Rotary Laser Receiver with Integrated Laser Distance Meter


  • Can be used with either red or green beam rotating lasers
  • mm-indication of difference between laserplane and “0” level
  • Extensive laser distance meter functions

Measuring functions (LASER DISTANCE METER)

  • Single / permanent measurement
  • Area / volume
  • Pythagoras 1, height (2 points)
  • Pythagoras 2, overall height (3 points)

Properties: “FR-DIST 30”

Laser class: 2
Measuring range: 50 m
Length receiving window: 100 mm
Accuracy: ± 1 / 5 / 9 mm (laser receiver), ± 2 mm (laser range finder)
Measuring units: m / ft / inch
Tones: yes
Point of reference: Bottom, on-Level, top
Dust / water protection: IP 65
Weight: 0,3 kg
Power supply: 3 x AA Alkaline
Temperature range: 0°C to +40°C (Laser range finder), -10°C – +50°C (Laser receiver)
Extended size: 172 x 80 x 32 mm
Working range: 300 m (radius)
Display indication: front
Display illumination: yes
LED indication: front, side
Magnets: top, side
Vials: top, side

Included in scope delivery:

  • 3 x AA Alkaline battery
  • Clamp for levelling staff

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